Once upon a time…

There was a guy who worked in the recruiting industry for well over a decade. He also loved web design and dreamt of an independent online space where recruiters and job seekers interacted in harmony. Although he knew the mega job social networks already existed, this space would be a wonderful companion. Some may even prefer it. Regardless, he’d have fun and learn more in the process. For if you aren’t learning, you aren’t living.

And so Alicorn Hunt was born.

Anticipated questions

What is Alicorn Hunt?

An independent, free online community for both recruiters and job seekers (talent). We focus on fun, privacy, and anything related to Talent Acquisition. People may post articles, questions, notes, and above all, help each other out. You may even choose to post anonymously at any time because we’re all about comfort and being real (without being violent or crude of course). Imagine a person having a résumé question and a recruiter helping them out. How beautiful is that? Or, a recruiter needing advice and another recruiter giving them a couple of tips. Many times, recruiters are competitors, however, it’s possible to still be friendly and share tips without giving away company secrets. Helping and loving makes the world continue to spin.

How do I post something?

After signing up and logging in, look for New Post in the main menu. In the New Post submenu, you have multiple options. You may create a new article (long-form post), ask the community a question, post a quick note, or if you are a recruiter, post a job. Select the appropriate option, fill out a form, and bam. Done.

Hints: To add an image click the plus sign within the image field and to add tags you type the word and then press enter. Or, hashtag words within your post content.

Who sees what?

When it comes to articles, you see content meant for you. If you are not a recruiter then you likely don’t want to see a bunch of articles about complex boolean search strings. Simply sign up using the Talent registration form. On the other hand, if you are a recruiter and want to be able to do things like post jobs, sign up using the Recruiter registration form. Please be honest. If you are caught pretending to be a recruiter your account will be deleted. Articles are the only post type where what you see depends on your role. Q&A, Notes, and Jobs can be seen by everyone.

How can I get more help?

If you have a question about Alicorn Hunt, you may message us using this form.

Why the name “Alicorn Hunt?”

From the founder: My daughter (who was 4 at the time of purchasing the domain name for this community) loves unicorns and alicorns. If you don’t know, “alicorn” has become another name for a unicorn with wings. In the recruiting world, hard-to-find and/or highly-skilled and rare talent is referred to as a purple squirrel or unicorn. Yes, not an alicorn, but this place is extra magical. Plus, I wanted a name and logo that didn’t take itself too seriously. Too often work becomes too rigid. Let’s have a little fun out there! 🙂🦄

Who runs this place?

Currently, this is a very small independent operation. Billy Wilcosky is the founder and sole proprietor. If you like to support small independent projects, then you’ll like it here. If not, there’s LinkedIn. 🙂

An alicorn with skyscrapers in front
Alicorn Hunt