• September 3, 2023

Mock Interviews with ChatGPT

Billy Wilcosky

Here’s how you can use ChatGPT to practice interviewing. First, craft the initial prompt and include:

  1. The purpose (you want to do a mock interview)
  2. Clarify that you are the interviewee and ChatGPT is the hiring manager
  3. State the role
  4. Give any other instructions around how the interview should go

For example:

“Let’s do a mock interview. I’m the interviewee and you are the hiring manager. The role is AI Prompt Engineer. You will ask me a question. I will answer. After I answer you will tell me if my answer was good or not and if not how to improve and you will ask me another question. After 5 questions you will end the mock interview.”

Then ChatGPT will ask the first question and after you answer, it will provide some feedback and ask the next question. At the end, if good feedback wasn’t provided just reiterate that. For example:

“You didn’t provide any constructive criticism about the way I replied to the interview questions.”

Now ChatGPT will provide better feedback.

Finally, ask ChatGPT to tell you how it would have answered the questions.

“For each question you asked, if you were an expert [role], how would you have answered?”

That’s all there is to it. You can ask more questions, such as what to do if the interviewer asks a particular question. Also, over time you’ll pick up on the various other ways you can get more out of the chatbot. Have fun, and good luck in your next interview!

Alicorn Hunt