• September 11, 2023

Preview: Quick role research using AI

Billy Wilcosky

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No matter how many years (or days) you’ve been recruiting or sourcing, a solid first step is to research the role you’ll be recruiting for. Thanks to advances in AI this is now easier than ever. This article will show AI chat transcripts to help you learn how to communicate with AI chatbots to research the role you’re recruiting for prior to the intake session.

First, stay skeptical. The AI might get it wrong so remember, this is just an extra tool. Use your knowledge of the company you recruit for, your general recruiting experience, and some extra web searches to verify.

For this tutorial, I used OpenAI’s free ChatGPT (currently GPT-3.5) and Google’s Bard. ChatGPT is used for general role research and recruiting advice. Google Bard is used to access some search statistics. Below is a transcript of each chat.

Let’s say that you need to research a role that requires “Spring Boot” experience. You don’t know what “Spring Boot” is. You can begin by giving ChatGPT some basics about the role.

Please note: After many of the prompts I also include an explanation of why I went about the conversation the way I did.


I am a recruiter and I need to fill a software engineering role based out of Atlanta, GA. The applicant must have:
– Spring Boot experience
– Java coding experience
– 5 years of software development experience

Next, I will ask you a series of questions to help me fill this job opening. Do you understand?

Explanation: Ending with “do you understand?” isn’t really to see if the AI understands. It’s a way to give the AI information to base the entire conversation off of, then pause and let you ask a related question. If you didn’t ask, “do you understand?” then the AI would possibly reply right away with a long drawn out answer that may or may not be helpful.


Yes, I understand. I can help you with your recruitment process for the software engineering role in Atlanta, GA, by providing information and answering questions related to the qualifications you’ve mentioned. Please feel free to ask your questions, and I’ll do my best to assist you.


What is Spring Boot?

Explanation: Here the AI is being asked about one of the key parts of the job that the recruiter is unsure about.


Spring Boot is an open-source framework for building Java-based web applications and microservices. It is part of the larger Spring Framework ecosystem, designed to simplify and accelerate the development of production-ready applications. Spring Boot provides several benefits for software development, including…

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