Copy JD

Copy JD (Copy Job Description) is an Alicorn Hunt Chrome browser extension. It will work with any browser that accepts Chrome extensions, such as Chrome, Brave, and Edge.

Privacy policy for Copy JD: This extension simply copies text in your browser window to your browser’s clipboard. That’s it. It does not send any information, personal or non-personal, anywhere. It is very safe.

How to use:

Tap quickly 3 times on any page. If a job title and job description can be detected they will be copied. Simply deactivate the extension while not heavily in use to avoid unwanted false triggers.

Coming soon! If a description cannot be detected, give the prompts that pop up two words or phrases and it will copy everything in between. Press and hold for 3 seconds to trigger this two-phrase feature at any time.



  • Coming soon (after Google approval)
  • Tap 3 times to copy a description if detected
  • Copy between two phrases if a description is not detected
  • Trigger the two-phrase option at any time by pressing down and holding 3 seconds


  • Initial version – Tap 3 times to copy a description if detected
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