• January 11, 2024

Potis.AI – Your Hiring Copilot

Billy Wilcosky

This isn’t a formal evaluation or endorsement, as I haven’t personally experienced Potis.AI in practical situations. However, I have explored several of its key features, and I’m eager to discuss my observations. This tool stands out as a compelling illustration of how AI is reshaping Talent Acquisition.

Essentially, whether or not you find this tool to your liking is not the primary focus here. Instead, my intention is to highlight that tools of this nature are likely already in use or will soon become prevalent in major corporations. The rationale behind this adoption is simple – the efficiency gains they offer. The only potential deterrent might be apprehension, possibly stemming from concerns about AI bias or potential bugs/errors.

What is Potis.AI?

It takes your job description, uses your preferences to create an interview case study and questions, and interviews and evaluates candidates. This is all done in seconds or minutes (minus the time it takes the candidate to complete the interview). Here’s what the flow is like:

Provide the job description.

Using AI and your description, it pulls out the important skills. You select the five most important.

Instantly, an interview case (scenario) is created.

Instantly, interview questions are created.

Paste in candidate emails to invite them for a virtual interview (or perhaps this is your initial screen).

Candidates receive an email like this with a Start Interview button.

The virtual interview is a chat with AI.

The AI attempts to push the person interviewing to provide detailed responses (this may or may not be what you want; perhaps there’s a way to change this behavior).

The candidate sees this once they finish.

After a few minutes, the AI evaluates the candidate’s interview giving detailed feedback and showing you the chat history.

Upon completion of the evaluation, the candidate is sent an email containing a feedback link. These minor details, such as the feedback mechanism, may or may not be customizable based on my experience during the free trial. It’s conceivable that Potis.AI might be open to altering specific steps if a large corporation expresses interest.

Interesting, isn’t it? I want to reiterate that I’m neither endorsing this product nor receiving compensation for discussing it. Furthermore, I cannot vouch for the efficacy of its evaluation process. My engagement with Potis.AI was brief, primarily focused on sharing some screenshots and acknowledging the innovative concept.

A note for Potis.AI employees: If you wish to provide marketing materials or additional information, I am open to reviewing and incorporating that content in both this space and my newsletter.

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